1401 New York Ave

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1401 New York Ave

Engenium Group is providing commissioning services for the substantial renovation of a 12-story, occupied office building located at 1401 New York Avenue, NW in Washington, DC.

Commissioning Services
Develop Commissioning Plan
Equipment Start-up
Pre-Functional Testing
Functional Performance Testing
Corrective Action Log

The renovation scope includes construction of a new DOAS HVAC system for the office tenant floors while maintaining the existing Water Cooled Heat Pump system on a few occupied or partially occupied floors. The fire alarm system and fire protection electrical infrastructure will be reused. The building skin will be replaced, including infill of the ground floor arcade to the property line in order to add retail floor area. New ammenities include a fitness and conferencing facility on the B1 level, a new building lobby, and roof deck.

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