HVAC Replacement

Capital Life Church

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Capital Life Church

The project included providing MEP design services to support the Capital Life Church HVAC replacement project. Engenium Group provided an initial survey and report including a summary of existing systems and condition, and a Schematic Design narrative outlining HVAC replacement options for the Church.

The Church decided to move forward with an option that included a new 12,000 CFM, 50-ton VAV AHU in the fenced area on grade level outside the mechanical room to serve both the sanctuary and basement level. The Church also opted for MERV 8 pre-filters and MERV 13 final filters for the HVAC system.

New York Ave Presbyterian Church

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New York Avenue Presbyterian Church

The project includes providing MEP design services to support the HVAC replacement for portions of the 62,730 GSF New York Avenue Presbyterian Church located in Washington, DC.

New HVAC systems were provided to serve the 12,000 SF, 3-story sanctuary, as well as a separate system to serve the 14,000 SF administrative areas on levels 1-4. The existing air handling unit serving the sanctuary was replaced, including all new distribution systems and controls. The administrative areas were provided with a new 75-ton air cooled VRF condensing unit (indoor & outdoor). The project also included architectural and structural work to support the project, including patch and repair of disrupted finishes, roof curbs and patching, structural upgrades, and a new screen wall.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church

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Capitol Hill Baptist Church

Engenium Group provided MEP consulting services to support the feasibility study for the renovation of Capitol Hill Baptist Church located in Washington, DC. The MEP systems serving the administration portion of the building were outdated with complaints including poor circulation, acoustical issues, and other general deterioration concerns of an aging infrastructure. Having pursued piecemeal renovations over the last 20 years, the Church engaged Engenium Group to identify a comprehensive plan for addressing the remaining maintenance issues and potential basement renovation.

Engenium Group completed an assessment of existing MEP systems and identified solutions to reuse, repair, or replace existing MEP systems serving the education wing and basement. The final report also included recommendations for MEP modifications to support the architectural reconfigurations at the basement level and back entrance.

Goding Elementary School

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Goding Elementary School

We provided Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design services for the renovation and modernization of the School Within A School at Goding. Project scope included replacing the existing HVAC system and designing the new automatic wet sprinkler system throughout the entire Anne M. Goding Elementary School facility. The building was originally built in 1959, and underwent significant renovation in 2004 that included replacing the exterior cladding, modernizing the HVAC system, and replacing interior finishes in the academic wing. Goding contains 58,200 SF of space, of which includes a 50,000 SF four-story classroom wing, a 3,400 SF multi-purpose room, and a 2,800 SF cafeteria. The project was delivered through a design-bid-build contract, and construction as performed during the late spring/summer of 2016.

  • Mechanical
    • Heat recovery VRF for heating and cooling the building.
    • DOAS unit for ventilating the building, to include an energy recovery device, supply fan, exhaust fan, air filtration, natural gas heating section, and direct expansion cooling coil with hot gas reheat.
    • Building Management System (BMS) to integrate with the new HVAC systems.
  • Electrical

    New LED lighting, dimmable controls, and daylighting sequences.

  • Plumbing

Holton Arms School

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Holton Arms School

Engenium Group provided the mechanical and plumbing design services to support the infrastructure modernization for Holton Arms School. The project included design, development, and implementation of an upgraded replacement HVAC system for the existing dual-temperature heating and cooling distribution systems. Portions of the campus were redesigned in conjunction with the HVAC upgrade and replacement.

  • Mechanical
    • 350-ton water-cooled chiller plant
    • 6,000 MBH gas-fired boiler plant
    • Dual-temperature distribution system
    • Classroom fan coil units
    • Central ventilation air-handling units replaced with new DOAS systems incorporating fixed plate heat exchangers for energy efficiency
    • Building automation system
    • 1,600 MBH domestic hot water heating plant
  • Plumbing
    • 1,600 MBH of natural gas condensing water heaters with 260 gallons of hot water storage
    • Delegated design of fire protection system