Banneker High School

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Benjamin Banneker High School

The new high-performing, flagship high school was designed to facilitate academic excellence for students in Washington, DC. DGS’ Benjamin Banneker High School provides a 21st-century learning environment to accommodate an increased enrollment of 800 students by 2025. The design envisioned a series of interconnected spaces for learning, discovery, and engagement. The project’s program included an open atrium and learning commons; classrooms with ample natural light; gym, auditorium, and cafeteria for active community use; collaboration areas to enhance communication and activate interdisciplinary learning; coffee shop, science labs, studio and performing arts spaces, and outdoor learning areas. The building is topped with an intensive green roof.

Banneker High School was designed to be the first Net Zero Energy school in Washington, DC. The high-performance learning environment serves as a teaching tool for staff and students, while positively supporting their health and education. The building achieved LEED Platinum under LEED v4 BD+C Schools in 2023.

  • Plumbing
    • Provide new domestic water service
    • Provide new domestic water distribution (CW and HW)
    • Provide new domestic hot water heater(s) as required
    • Design and layout the storm water system including roof drains, and distribution within the building
  • Fire Protection
    • Provide a new fire suppression system
    • Coordinate new fire water service
    • Design the primary fire suppression infrastructure (fire pump, sprinkler zones)

Stanton Elementary School

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Stanton Elementary School

Project scope included the complete upgrade of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the 60,000 SF existing main school building, as well as the design of a 30,000 SF new addition. The project design supports a LEED Gold rating, based on LEED 2009 for School New Construction and Major Renovations. A fast-track design and construction schedule enabled the 60,000 SF first phase to be completed over the summer in time for the start of school in the late August.

  • Mechanical
    • New variable refrigerant flow (VRV) heat recovery system (125 tons existing building, 79 tons new).
    • Independent temperature control for each classroom.
    • Three dedicated 100% outdoor air ventilation energy recovery units.
    • 100-500 CFM VAV ventilation terminal units with occupancy sensor.
    • Two 199 MBH gas fired domestic water heaters.
  • Electrical

    New LED lighting, dimmable controls, and daylighting sequences.

  • Plumbing

    25% water reduction with low flow plumbing fixtures.

Goding Elementary School

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Goding Elementary School

We provided Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design services for the renovation and modernization of the School Within A School at Goding. Project scope included replacing the existing HVAC system and designing the new automatic wet sprinkler system throughout the entire Anne M. Goding Elementary School facility. The building was originally built in 1959, and underwent significant renovation in 2004 that included replacing the exterior cladding, modernizing the HVAC system, and replacing interior finishes in the academic wing. Goding contains 58,200 SF of space, of which includes a 50,000 SF four-story classroom wing, a 3,400 SF multi-purpose room, and a 2,800 SF cafeteria. The project was delivered through a design-bid-build contract, and construction as performed during the late spring/summer of 2016.

  • Mechanical
    • Heat recovery VRF for heating and cooling the building.
    • DOAS unit for ventilating the building, to include an energy recovery device, supply fan, exhaust fan, air filtration, natural gas heating section, and direct expansion cooling coil with hot gas reheat.
    • Building Management System (BMS) to integrate with the new HVAC systems.
  • Electrical

    New LED lighting, dimmable controls, and daylighting sequences.

John Lewis Elementary School (formerly West Elementary)

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John Lewis Elementary School

Engenium Group provided plumbing engineering design and fire protection services for the renovation and modernization of John Lewis Elementary School (formerly West Elementary) in Washington, DC. Located in Ward 4, the modernization of the 90,000 SF school serves more than 350 students in Pre-kindergarten through Grade 5.

John Lewis Elementary is among the first Net Zero Energy-Ready and WELL Certified Schools in the District. The design and layout of the school combines a focus on indoor environmental quality variables and other components that promote health and well-being.

Net-Zero plumbing design elements include:

  • Energy efficient hot water system utilizes a water-cooled heat pump connected to a geothermal system
  • Condensate drainage water recovered from air handler units supplies the irrigation system
  • Hot water recirculation system optimized to reduce energy consumption
John Lewis Elementary School Gym

John Lewis Elementary School Library

Holton Arms School

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Holton Arms School

Engenium Group provided the mechanical and plumbing design services to support the infrastructure modernization for Holton Arms School. The project included design, development, and implementation of an upgraded replacement HVAC system for the existing dual-temperature heating and cooling distribution systems. Portions of the campus were redesigned in conjunction with the HVAC upgrade and replacement.

  • Mechanical
    • 350-ton water-cooled chiller plant
    • 6,000 MBH gas-fired boiler plant
    • Dual-temperature distribution system
    • Classroom fan coil units
    • Central ventilation air-handling units replaced with new DOAS systems incorporating fixed plate heat exchangers for energy efficiency
    • Building automation system
    • 1,600 MBH domestic hot water heating plant
  • Plumbing
    • 1,600 MBH of natural gas condensing water heaters with 260 gallons of hot water storage
    • Delegated design of fire protection system