Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

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MLK Library

Engenium Group provided plumbing consulting and fire protection design services to support the modernization of the MLK library located in Washington, DC. We also provided local support for the mechanical and electrical system design and construction. The project is targeting LEED Gold certification.

  • Plumbing
    • New roof drainage to include the newly installed green-roof
    • New domestic booster pumps, supplemental domestic water heaters
    • Sanitary connections for the new restaurant and cafe, as well as public restrooms
    • Natural gas service the building, water heaters, and HVAC equipment
    • Utility connections to include natural gas, domestic water, storm drainage, and sanitary water
  • Fire Protection
    • New NFPA 13 compliant fire pump and stand-pipe locations
    • Utility connections to include fire suppression