Net Zero

Banneker High School

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Benjamin Banneker High School

We provided the plumbing engineering and fire protection design services to support the new construction of the DGS Benjamin Banneker High School located on the corner of Rhode Island Avenue and 9th St. NW in Washington, DC. The project will be designed to achieve LEED for Schools – Gold Certification with a preference of LEED Platinum certification. The Design-Build team is also to explore Net Zero energy strategies through the ILFI Zero Energy Building Program.

  • Plumbing
    • Provide new domestic water service
    • Provide new domestic water distribution (CW and HW)
    • Provide new domestic hot water heater(s) as required
    • Design and layout the storm water system including roof drains, and distribution within the building
  • Fire Protection
    • Provide a new fire suppression system
    • Coordinate new fire water service
    • Design the primary fire suppression infrastructure (fire pump, sprinkler zones)

John Lewis Elementary School (formerly West Elementary)

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John Lewis Elementary School

Engenium Group provided plumbing engineering design and fire protection services for the renovation and modernization of John Lewis Elementary School (formerly West Elementary) in Washington, DC. Located in Ward 4, the modernization of the 90,000 SF school serves more than 350 students in Pre-kindergarten through Grade 5.

John Lewis Elementary is among the first Net Zero Energy-Ready and WELL Certified Schools in the District. The design and layout of the school combines a focus on indoor environmental quality variables and other components that promote health and well-being.

Net-Zero plumbing design elements include:

  • Energy efficient hot water system utilizes a water-cooled heat pump connected to a geothermal system
  • Condensate drainage water recovered from air handler units supplies the irrigation system
  • Hot water recirculation system optimized to reduce energy consumption